NEIRBO (pronounced near-bo) is a consulting firm based in Fort Collins, Colorado, that specializes in addressing groundwater problems and finding pragmatic solutions. We conceptualize, analyze, and visualize groundwater systems to provide understanding and insights that allow our clients to make sound decisions and improve their position. Our clients are mining companies, public and private businesses, and individuals. Our team provides the experience necessary to advance projects through conceptualization, feasibility, environmental, operational, and site-closure challenges. Whether our clients have too much water, not enough water, or need to address environmental water issues we use proven technologies applicable to our client's site-specific conditions.

We work closely with environmental managers, operational managers, business owners, and attorneys to obtain water permits, develop water supplies, predict environmental impacts, develop planning documents, design dewatering systems, implement monitoring networks, and support litigation cases. A significant part of our work is to communicate how groundwater influences the project, so the client, stakeholders, and regulators can make sound decisions.

NEIRBO was created to provide outstanding service, thoughtful advice, and high-quality professional products at a fair price. We enjoy our work, enjoy working together, and are always working to earn the trust of our clients. We strive to become a valuable part of our client’s team by being knowledgeable, accountable, and responsive.

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